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Associates Entertainment Group (AEG) produces fine quality special events open to the general public. AEG has more than 35 years of experience promoting innovative entertainment productions of various styles.

Production style examples include:

  • Military Base Promotions and Productions
  • Gospel Music Appreciation Concerts and Gospel Entertainment Productions
  • Fashion Showcase Productions
  • Community-Partnership and Sponsorship Promotions
  • Brochure and Magazine Publications
  • And much more!

AEG’s team of dedicated professionals coordinate and manage events with the utmost precision, care and concern to produce the best possible results for every occasion. Ultimately creating a win-win situation for all participants and event attendees!

Your Participation

The GMAAC Welcomes Gospel Music Artists, Entertainers and Lovers of Great Gospel Music

You are cordially invited to become a vital part of the Southwest Regional 2016 Gospel Music Appreciation Awards Ceremony and Concert, otherwise known as the GMAAC, April 10th, 2016 @ 3:00pm at the beautiful Centennial Banquet and Conference Center located at Building 11199, East Bliss, Fort Bliss, Texas 79916.

This event includes gospel music awards presentations to inspirational local gospel music and talent ministries, a “meet and greet” including buffet-style refreshments and a fabulous display of church fashions courtesy of local area clothiers. The high point of the 2016 GMAAC will showcase a concert featuring the one-and-only world-renown incredible living legend, gospel recording artist Dorothy Norwood along with a newly formulated Southwest Regional Mass Choir.

YOU may desire to become a part of this tremendous program by:

1. Rendering your gospel talent ministry
2. Accompanying Dorothy Norwood in the Southwest Regional Mass Choir
3. Offering your small or large business as a community partner of this magnificent event on Fort Bliss
4. Or simply by being a vital part of the audience executing your support of great gospel entertainment in El Paso/ Fort Bliss area, and surrounding communities.

For additional information and details about the 2016 GMAAC please contact Associates Entertainment Group at 972-399-6806. Entertainment registration is limited.


HISTORY of the Southwest Regional Gospel Music Awards Ceremony & Concert (GMAAC)

The premier production of the GMAAC was held at the Bell County Expo Center located in Temple Texas in 1993.  The next year, in 1994, the production was held at the Fort Hood Military Installation. 

Mayor Raul G. Villaronga of the City of Killeen, Texas was an honored guest of the event and presented the GMAAC with a proclamation as the “Official Founders of the Central Texas Gospel Music Awards”.  The proclamation acknowledged the event as a tremendous outreach program that brought to the Central Texas community together.   Since then, two more cities, Austin and El Paso Texas were added as production sites for this community-wide Gospel music appreciation event.

With the support of many churches of all denominations as well as the support of local area businesses, each presentation of the GMAAC continues to “give back” to each community.



The productions of the GMAAC promotes the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through many forms of gospel talent ministries.  Individuals from churches of all denominations, who honor GOD’S magnificence through the gifts they have been blessed to share, are brought together for an appreciation showing of love and support of their hard work that inspires us all.

Community Partners


El Paso area contact 972-302-6253


  • Title - Community Partner
  • Media Partner
  • Exclusive Business Category Partner
  • Corporate Business Partner
  • Small Business Partner
  • Host Church Partner

GMAAC EXPOSURE OPPORTUNITIES We Celebrate Our Valued Community Partners

GMAAC would love to promote your Business in conjunction with the 2016 GMAAC Ceremony and Concert at Fort Bliss. Your business may select any of the following options available:

  • Company Banner Display
  • Display booth
  • Display Space
  • GMAAC Brochure Ads
  • Live advertising plugs during the GMAAC production.

Please indicate your desired preference of support for the GMAAC by coordinating with a representative of Associates Entertainment Group today. El Paso area contact: Linda Thomas 972-302-6253

Description of Community Partnership Styles & Price Options

TITLE - COMMUNITY PARTNER - Company Name before the Title of the GMAAC Advertising.  Supports GMAAC project expenses

MEDIA PARTNER – Supports GMAAC advertising expenses

EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS CATEGORY PARTNER – Only GMAAC advertiser for a specific business category

CORPORATE BUSINESS PARTNER - GMAAC Corporate support advertiser

SMALL BUSINESS PARTNER – GMAAC Small Business support advertiser

HOST CHURCH PARTNERS – GMAAC ticket locations, audition locations and GMAAC volunteer project supporter. Receives a portion of project proceeds as a “give back to the community” church donation
Community Partners
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