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Welcome to our next production of the magnificent “Gospel Mix”!   The “Gospel Mix” targets our wonderful soldiers, retirees, civilian personnel and their families.  The “Gospel Mix” also reaches a large capacity of local area church congregations of all denominations. 

The Gospel Mix” is a fantastically inspirational series of productions which is an innovative new creation produced by Associates Entertainment Group (AEG).  Attached is information regarding how AEG may promote your business products and location(s) during “The Gospel Mix”.   AEG cordially welcomes your business participation and celebrates your involvement!  Your business is appreciated and recognized as a valued supporter of these community outreach programs promoting Gospel in the Southwest.  

 A Community Partnership places your business in front of loyal consumer-based markets such as the military and faith-based church communities.   “The Gospel Mix” is held at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn–Airport located at 6650 Gateway East in El Paso, TX.  The next upcoming production date is August 27, 2017. 

In conjunction with the “Gospel Mix” is the “The Gospel Mix Messenger Brochure/Magazine” which is distributed to production attendees!  The “Gospel Mix Messenger” is a dynamic magazine intended to inform readers of church news and information.  It also introduces local business products and services by offering discounted coupons and valuable savings on specific items.   The Gospel Mix Messenger is the perfect “direct advertising hands-on” resource to reach the select markets mentioned above.  If placing an ad in our magazine is not possible at this particular time, please bless Gospel Mix attendees with a prize(s) or coupons that may serve as door prizes at the event.

 “The Gospel Mix” is a win-win situation for all!  AEG would like to THANK YOU in advance for being a celebrated Community Business Partner in helping to empower and strengthen people living in the surrounding cities and communities in which we serve. 


Linda Thomas-Operations Director

Associates Entertainment Group (AEG)